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The ten commandments from the Streetfashion bible.

  • 1. You shall always dress up whenever you go outside.

  • 2. Never over do accessories.

  • 3. Only wear clothing that fit you.(a too short shirt or too tight pants are always a bad thing).

  • 4. Pick one fragrance and stick to it.

  • 5. A good watch is a must have.(at least for guys).

  • 6. Style doesn't neccesarily mean an expensive price tag.

  • 7. Better over dress then "under dress".

  • 8. Always explore and find new brands.

  • 9. Keep it clean, (camo on top of leopard on top of some red fucking jordans ain't good).

  • 10. Don't buy shit because other people look good in them. Clothing should be about an expression of yourself that fits you.

  • Stay Blessed,

  • Timothy

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